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Multilingual information for refugees and migrants

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We put eleven checklists to various topics together; they should help to find useful information as a consumer in the everyday life. Most of the lists can be downloaded in German, English, Arabic, Russian and Farsi.

With our checklists you can go through important points step by step.

All information is available in English and Arabic. Just choose the relevant download.

1. Before opening an account

Every bank or savings bank has to open a bank account for you. You are free to choose the institute. On the checklist you’ll find information about what papers to bring to open an account.

2. After opening an account

The first account you´ll get is called "Basiskonto" (basic payment account). You cannot overdraw it. That means: You cannot withdraw more money than there is on your account. Attention: When you move, you have to notify your bank or savings bank.

3. Insurance

In Germany there are a lot of various insurances to protect you in the case of damages against expensive payments. Some insurances are absolutely necessary, others not. In the checklist you find the insurances you have to take out.

4. Mobile phone

To use your mobile phone you can choose between several corporates and rates. This checklist helps you to make a decision. You shall not conclude a contract right in the store. Read the whole contract, especially the small print, carefully at home.

5. Moving in

Bevor signing a lease, you should inquire about all costs. Besides the rent itself, there are so-called utilities and operating costs, e.g. for heating and hot water.

6. Online Shopping

This checklist helps you to tell, if an online shop is trustworthy or not. Besides that you learn, whereon you should pay attention, when browsing with the smartphone.

7. Copyright

You are not allowed to watch, listen or play everything that is offered for free on the internet. It can be that you contravene against the so-called „Urheberrecht“ (copyright law). This can be very expensive for you.

8. How can you save energy and avoid mould?

In this checklist you learn how to consume as little electricity and hot water as possible and therefore save money. In order to avoid mould in your flat, it is important to know how to heat and air in a proper way.

Saving energy at home – cheap, good and healthy living. On twelve pages, in addition to the checklists you can find here, we also give tips in a more detailed brochure – downloadable in 5 languages (German, English, Arabic, Kurdish and Dari).

9. Food packaging

Foods that are already packed in the supermarket, have an ingredient list. The list shows what is in the food. What exactly has to be on the list is shown in our checklist.

10. debt collection letter

Debt collection agencies are companies that collect other people’s claims. They want money for a bill that wasn´t paid. If you are uncertain how much you have to pay or if you have to pay in general, take legal advice from the consumer association.

11. Key service

Usually a short, inattentive moment is enough: The front door falls into the lock, the key is still in the flat. This situation is often exploited by dubious key services – they open the door, but demand too much money for that.